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Eat Toward

Our food feeds our culture. And some areas need rethinking.

Seafood holds a special place on this blue planet of ours. For many, it is imbued with cultural significance, for others, it is linked with happy memories of special places and people. But our love for seafood has come at a price. With our oceans now facing the perils of overfishing, the seafood status quo has to change, and at NewFish we want to drive that change with world-first products that tap into seafood’s vast creative potential.

NewFish is backed by research and brings together award-winning chefs with food technologists to create a new path forward for seafood. We want future generations to be able to share in exquisite seafood celebrations in a way that still puts flavour and quality first but no longer compromises the planet.

Our goal is to contribute to the replenishing of the ocean, in the hope that an abundance of kaimoana can continue to exist and thrive for years to come.


Our Philosophy

We believe that by crafting the right systems, good food can bring people closer to nature, not further away.

Our NewSeas™ charter communicates and represents the principles, purpose and impact of NewFish as an organisation.

Leadership, Collaboration and Exploration are the principles that guide our purpose—enabling consumers to eat towards abundance.

A formal NewSeas process, including screening criteria, accountabilities and third-party certification has been established to maximise the holistic value created by NewFish products.

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