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NewFish Pāua Saucisson - Batch 12020122

NewFish Pāua Saucisson - Batch 12020122

The Pāua Saucisson combines New Zealand’s magnificent blackfoot Pāua (abalone) with innovative fermentation techniques & native ingredients including Free Farmed Kurobuta Pork, Akaroa Kelp and Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. The result is an entirely new take on the saucisson of old. Unique ingredients like wild endemic Blackfoot Pāua are expertly harnessed to create a complex, umami taste that complements old world wines and future-friendly palettes.

As with any artisanal product, variation occurs from batch to batch, giving each product a unique sensory character.


This batch has notably rich fermented flavours and a firm bite in texture. The aroma is characteristic of yeast and parmesan. The slices in this batch may be slightly smaller than average in diameter, due to the fermentation process. Unique product details are displayed below:


Batch Size: 100

Date of Manufacture: 18/10/2022

Fill Date: 22/10/2022

Month of Release: September 2022


This saucisson is composed of 96% New Zealand Ingredients:

Wild Pāua (Haliotis iris) from Moana and PāuaCo: sustainably harvested from PAU FMAs (Fisheries Management Areas) 1–7, under the New Zealand Quota Management System, processed under an RMP at PH16, Prepared Foods Processing Limited, PALMERSTON NORTH, and supplied via PH129, Aotearoa Fisheries Limited, AUCKLAND. 

Free Farmed Kurobuta Pork sourced from WhiteHart Pork: raised on farms in Fairlie, New Zealand, processed under an RMP at Ashburton Meat Processors Limited. 

Wild Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) sourced from NZ Kelp: sustainably harvested from Akaroa Harbour (FMA KBB3G), under the New Zealand Quota Management System.

Sea Salt sourced from Dominion Salt: certified organic salt evaporated from New Zealand seawater, collected from the southern waters off the coast New Zealand.

Extra-Virgin Rapeseed Oil from The Good Oil: cold-press extracted from rapeseed crop grown in Southern Canterbury and Southland.

Non-locally sourced ingredients (4%):

Cuttlefish Ink sourced from Nortindal: extracted from Cuttlefish (Sepiida sp.)  harvested from the Atlantic Ocean off the Spanish Coast. 

Garlic sourced from Springbrook Foods: manufactured in Blenheim, from imported Chinese garlic.

Black Pepper sourced from Davis Ingredients: imported from India. 

SAFEPRO® B-LC-007 Culture sourced from Christian Hansen: a probiotic fermentation culture of six lactic acid bacteria strains.

Dextrose sourced from Davis Ingredients: fermentable sugar to feed the starter culture, imported from China.

BactoCease Buffered Vinegar sourced from Hawkins Watts: vinegar solution with acidic species, designed to have a protective effect against Listeria monocytogenes.